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BJJ Building Blocks

Begin your Jiu-Jitsu Journey by building a solid foundation with fundamental movements. We will support you all the way from White to Black Belt.

Learn at your own leisure, track your progress & Get Certified through our App on Android/Apple devices or from your Laptops.

100+ Solo Movements

Develop Body Mechanics & Attributes through 100+ Solo Movements and understand their real time applications. Over 240 minutes of High Definition content.

Build Strong Foundation

For a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner these movements are as important as footwork is for a boxer, swinging is for a baseball batter, floating is for a swimmer and walking is for a runner.

Suitable For Everyone

Anyone can learn from this carefully crafted course regardless of their prior training experience. It is as much suitable for Coaches & Advanced Practioners as it is for Beginners.

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It's more than just an "Online Course"...

We believe learning cannot be done alone. It is always more fun & beneficial to learn under the supervision of a Coach and along with the help of a community.

Bonuses you will get along with the purchase of the course:


Get access to monthly webinar exclusive to members of our online university helping you grow your knowledge & skills.


Interact and learn from world-renowned masters & mentors to understand the philosophy & concepts of Martial Arts.


Meet like-minded people, find training partners & affiliates nearby you, ask questions, share your training videos to get feedback from Coaches.

But, we are not done yet!

Get newsletters, ebooks, breakdowns of Martial Arts documentaries, Movies & Live Matches along with recommendations of books to read to take your understanding, skills & training to the next level.

Meet Your Professor

Arun is the first BJJ Black Belt in India and the Combat Trainer for the Indian Army, Special Forces & NSG. Training since the age of 12, Arun has travelled across the globe to learn the secrets of Martial Arts from world renowned Masters. He is certified in Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali, Wing Chun and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is also certified in Weapon Retention & Disengagement (Rifle, Pistol & Knife) from TTW, USA.

His goal is to Revive Martial Arts Culture across India by empowering people with Jiu-Jitsu so that each and every human being can train, feel safe, and can find their trueself.

Functional Application

All the 90+ movements are applicable in Jiu-Jitsu sparring at your academy or at your home. We have broken down the real time applications for all the movements in detail.

Improvise & Adapt

Learn not only to use your body to practice but also make use of a wall, a ball, a belt or a bag to improve your Jiu-Jitsu skills.

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BJJ Building Blocks Today,

and equip yourself with a strong foundation.

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Rodrigo Teixeira

5th Degree BJJ Black Belt

"Arun is a great student of the art and an incredible teacher who has a detailed oriented teaching approach. Along with being a great martial artist Arun is very humble and positive person. His approach towards BJJ is beautiful. He is the true ambassador of BJJ in India and has helped his students grow and become champions or great teachers over the past 15 years."

Pedro Wolff

2nd Degree BJJ Black Belt

"Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is all about being a part of global family and this is exactly how it feels like when you train at Arun's Gym in New Delhi. Arun has a way with his students as he breaks down each technique to its most simple components and demonstrates not only the movements but their practical applications, limits and even the ways to overcome those limits."

Kevin Dadik

1st Degree BJJ Black Belt

“I had the opportunity to train and teach at Arun’s gym in Delhi and was extremely impressed by what I saw there. Arun is doing a great job of bringing very technical Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to India with a well rounded program. He is both an excellent teacher who cares about his students’ progress and a great student himself who is always looking for ways to better himself and his technique.”